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International Excursions





Travel to new places & meet new people, learn new customs and traditions to reboot reality. Be a part of fun activities to tweak your senses.

If there’s one thing you’ll never waste your money on, its travelling, So travel the world because travel is food for your soul.

Become addictive to travel.

TNT organizes trips for various academic backgrounds like Medical, Religious, Engineering, Performing Arts, Agriculture, Media Studies, Adventure, History & Indian Heritage, Eco-Tourism, Ecology Conservation, Community Exchange amongst others. A plethora of unique activities for students to take back long-lasting memories. Getting hands on local experiences and abundant practical workshops — indoors and outdoors. 

Tours focusing on developing leadership and teamwork skills, building self-confidence Facilitating young people to re -evaluate some of their beliefs, attitudes and assumptions, particularly around different cultures and their own priorities in life.

Infuse new concepts of learning in the wilderness through our outdoor programmes like Biking in the hills, Cleaning the Himalayas, Trekking & Camping in remote locations.

Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found in between the pages of your passport!!!