Imagine sitting in your office cubicle, staring at a picture of bungee jumping staring at you from your desktop screen. Now cut to the lush green carpet of nature and imagine yourself bungee jumping and river rafting and trekking amidst the scenery. We had always imagined ourselves doing nothing but this. Even the heavy traffic at times would remind of the rapids of the gangs and how thrilling the whole experience was!

Honestly, we were a bunch of bored multi-national corporates who wanted to get out of the whole classroom, corporate setup and get closer to nature. What better a way than making sure others like us get a fantastic get away time, somewhere within their reach and most importantly the one that won’t burn a hole in your pocket! Thus, was born ‘Trips n Thrills’

Thinking of Rishikesh (and the name of other destinations that will be covered by TnT) ? You needn’t look any further. TnT not only offers you some of the most exclusive packages for the right adrenaline rush but we also know the constraints of being a corporate professional and so we promise we will keep it absolutely pocket friendly for you.

If we have you with us so far and you would want to be a part of a dream that we are sure all corporates share, Happy Adventuring to you!

TRIPSNTHRILLS – host to your adrenaline rush